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Spotify vs. iTunes – the iTunes alternative – great music technology service

%image_alt%iTunes is the king of online music.  But, Spotify is a worthy contender. iTunes has you pay per track or album.  With Spotify, you can listen to tracks, top lists, and search for free.  For only $4.99/month, you get unlimited music streaming and no advertisements.  A premium $9.99/month account allows you to play Spotify on your phone; arrange offline playlists; and receive exclusive content.

So, the Spotify vs. iTunes battle here is decided if you prefer to pay per month for unlimited music or %image_alt%per track or album. If you already have lots of music on your computer and just plan to purchase the occasional song, then iTunes is for you.  But, if you’d like to keep up with current music, and don’t want to spend a fortune doing so, go with Spotify.  I like Spotify because it easily allows you to the most popular music within all genres.  If you want to play the top 20, no problem.  Best smooth jams?  You got it!  The list goes on and on.  For iTunes, you need to either know what you want or Google it before if you’re looking for top songs.

The computer install process is painless. It’s a light software to install and is easy to remove as well.  This starkly contrasts the very slow iTunes install.  The iPhone support is very easy since you just download the Spotify app and you’re up and running.  The same goes for the Android.  Best of all, you can use this music technology service on non-smart phones also.

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