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Spring cleaning for your computer

It is time for spring cleaning.  The weather is getting nicer and the days are longer.  Spring cleaning used to mean cleaning up your house and getting rid of unwanted clothes and belongings.  Now, you should add your computer to the list.  Why?  Just like getting rid of unwanted stuff in your house, the computer also has some things you want to get rid of.  Here is a guide to follow to ensure your computer is ready for spring: 

Computer Spring Cleaning:

1.  Virus removal:  Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date to make sure unwanted viruses are not hanging out from the winter time.

2.  Spyware protection:  Ensure that you run or automate anti-spyware protection as these critters have a tendency to lie dormant in your computer until the summer if not taken care of fast.

3.  Temporary Internet Files and cookies removal:  Temporary Internet Files keeps a log of all of the sites you’ve been and cookies stores your usernames and passwords.  it is wise to remove these during this season since malicious tracking and sites might have gotten in here to party during spring break.  To remove these items, go to a web page and click: Tools-> Internet Options and then delete cookies and temp files.

4.  Remove old programs:  If you don’t use it, get rid of it.  Games, downloads, and unknown programs may slow down your spring action.  Lighten up the load by going to Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.

5.  Dusting time:  It’s not spring cleaning without a little dusting.  Dust around your computer and if a desktop, open up the hood removing those year-old dust bunnies.

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