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Tekserve or Apple? Should I go to Tekserve or Apple store – Who / which is better – Apple store vs. Tekserve

Apple-store-vs-tekserve-vs-new-york-computer-helptekserve-vs-apple-store-vs-new-york-computer-helpTekserve or Apple?  Which store should you go to?  If you have an Apple computer issue, this is usually the question you have to answer yourself.  Should you go to the original Apple support folks at the Apple store, take a number and wait to be called.  You may have Applecare or not.  No everything is covered as you probably know.

Tekserve – they used to be the anti-Apple store for years.  They were like the little shop next to the Apple store, but they have always pretty much done the same thing, provide slow, mundane, non-personalized Apple service.  Products first then service is the motto for Tekserve.  The same goes for Apple.

So, is there really a valid choice among Tekserve and Apple?  Not really.  New York Computer Help is thenew-york-computer-help-apple-tekserve clear answer here for your Apple service issue No pushing towards buying products, no upcharges for expensive repairs, and no “take a number” approach.  Ever since its inception in 2000, New York Computer Help is the new way of thinking, help the person (customer) first, then resolve the Mac issue.  There is no biasness to whether you have Applecare or to push you into buying Apple products.  New York Computer Help is 100% Apple service with no pushing of products.  If you want to buy something, you’ll be pointed in the right direction, but not lead there.

Further, did you know the Apple stores recommend New York Computer Help for data recovery and non-warranty Apple repairs?  That speaks volumes.  Plus, many customers who went to Tekserve typically make there way to New York Computer Help afterwards.  As you have assumed, the Tekserve customers weren’t happy with the service or price and were satisfied with New York Computer Help afterwards.

Open every day and ready to serve you the right way, New York Computer Help.

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Got any further questions? Walk in for a free diagnostic in NYC:

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.


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