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The Dell Streak review – the new iPhone killer? – pc computer repair review

%image_alt%The Dell Streak might be the new iPhone killer.  Really, I’m not joking.  The iPhone is a great Apple support product that works well with Macs as well as PCs of course.  But, if you’re just not into the Mac tech world, the Dell Streak is a great alternative.  First of all, it is not a tablet, it’s a true smartphone with a 5-inch screen.  To compare, the iPhone is 4.5 inches.  So, you’ll get a little more surface area to surf the Internet, view emails, play videos, and look a pics.

So, what’s so special?  First of all, it’s using the Android operating system, version 1.6, which is due to be able to play Flash content soon.  Android is very fast and comparable, if not better, in regard to computer speed versus the iPhone’s operating system.  Battery life is 10 hours versus the iPhone 4G’s 7 hours for talk time.  Standby is 400 versus the iPhone’s 300 hours.  Colors are available in black, white, and red versus the iPhone’s single black color.  Most importantly, it’s very light, thin, and can fit in your pocket.

What’s similar to the iPhone 4G:

  • Both have 16GB and 32GB storage capacities
  • 512MB of RAM is the same
  • Zooming and panning for text
  • Front-facing camera and video

What’s inferior on the Streak?  The biggest letdown is that is offers 480 x 800 resolution for its 5-inch screen while the iPhone 4 has a 960 x 640 resolution on a smaller 4.5-inch screen.  That means that everything still looks crisper and cleaner on the iPhone 4.  That’s a bummer since it defeats the purpose of having a bigger screen.  That being said, the resolution on the Streak is still solid, and the downloadable apps on the Android phone are vast to choose from.

If you’re a PC support lover, or Dell lover, this phone is good to go with especially since you can buy it for only $100 – $150 with an AT&T service plan.

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