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The future of computers / laptops / desktops / smartphones – computer support / repair nyc tech

Future of computer technology - desktops - laptops - smartphones
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It amazes me how technology support always is evolving.  I remember growing up that my mother used to catch up on her soap operas late at night after putting me to sleep.  She recorded them on the old VCR, the one that had big tapes and actually had to be rewinded.  That old technology shows me how far we have come.  We have since had DVD’s, DV-R’s, TiVo’s, On Demand, and now the slew of Apple TV, Roku, and other smart TV devices.  Not only have these devices improved, but they’ve gotten much smaller and sleeker.

The same goes for computer technology.  The first desktop and laptop were beasts, looking more like spacecrafts than computers.  We have since gone to all-in-one computers such as the iMac, to laptops, and then notebooks, tablets and now ultrabooks.  Phones have gone from clunky brick-like one-function voice phones to tiny, glass-like smartphones that can do it all.  File storage?  No need to back up to big external hard drives.  That takes too much space.  Just back up to a portable, small external hard drive or on the cloud.

I’m just amazed to see where we’ve headed so far, constantly compartmentalizing and reducing the size of technology service devices.  We have tossed around the idea if iPads can take over laptops or desktops.  Now, I wonder if iPhones and smartphones can take over computers.  The iPhone and Samsung continue to increase the size of the smartphone screens in the hope that everything may be done on their comfortably-large screens.  Is that where our technology is headed?  In the palm of our hands and pockets?  Google wants to have technology sit on our eyes so we don’t even need to use our hands.  Just put on your tech glasses and go on the Internet.  Pretty futuristic, right?  Well, I just wanted to share my thoughts and at the same time commend all the leaders in IT thought technology for getting us to where we are all today.

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