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The top 2010 computer news – computer support 2010

Wishing all of our friends, family, and customers a happy, healthy, and hassle-free computer support 2011.  We truly%image_alt% appreciate your continued loyalty and support as New York Computer Help embarks upon its 11th year in the computer repair business.

As we look past this 2010, many key factors occurred that shaped the computer help industry for years to come.  The iPad was in full force, catapulting record numbers of purchases just on the first day of launch.  This tablet quickly became the quasi netbook / laptop to reckon with, with 10+ hours of battery life and one of the lightest tablets other there. 

Windows 7 was popular, steering Windows Vista users to upgrade to Windows 7 since Vista was botched and glitchy from the beginning.  Plus, Windows 7 has a Windows XP mode that allows backwards compatibility; a feature that was lost in Vista.

The iPhone increased its customer base with the iPhone 4, and circumvented past the “death grip” complaints by offering free iPhone cases. 

Netbook sales went through the roof as consumers looked to buy a cheap $300 – $500 laptop.  Acer and Asus led the way, with HP, Lenovo, and Dell getting more into the netbook mix.

Last, but not least, the Facebook movie came out which relayed the true story; well, at least based on the director’s point of view.  Nevertheless, the site’s weight and clout on the rest of the computer industry was quite noticeable as Mark Zuckerberg’s vision is continuing to be omnipresent within our lives.

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