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Tips for Growing Your Audience on Social Media

Whether you’re using it as a creative outlet for your blog or need traction to your new business site like New York Computer Help, you must have a social media audience. You’ll be able to interact and keep up with the trends to help you develop a better brand. Also, it’ll give you ideas on how to modernize your space on the web. Here are some tips to help you grow an audience on social media.

Know Your Audience

If you’re in the health industry and need healthcare staffing professionals, a social media account can help you find like-minded people. Maybe you’re looking for young to middle-aged professionals with education but the youth to bring new ideas to your company.

Make sure you’re putting out posts that not only give quality knowledge but you pay attention to the visuals. Start tagging #HealthcareProfessionals #staffing and other terms to help you make your posts more targeted.

Create a Contest

There’s nothing like a fun contest to increase engagement. You can think of a few parameters to help people win a prize:

  • Comment to win
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • A photo contest with the most likes wins

Being creative can build your audience and give you some loyal followers for your content and products on your page. It’ll be easier to promote because people will repost things in their stories, social media, and even tag their friends. You can post the results to your website and your social media so that people continue to monitor things from you.

Have Quality Visuals

More people will like and follow your social media page when you have entertaining videos and pictures. Use likes for Threads as a way to engage with content you genuinely appreciate. It’s a great way to attract them to your informative posts, and it’s easier to share. While you may provide a wealth of knowledge on your page, it does nothing if you don’t have eye-catching visuals to capture their attention.

Look at different graphic tools out there to add depth to your pictures. 

Be More Responsive on Your Posts

One of the key things people want from you on a social media page is interaction. If you’re posting a question or something, they will answer. However, it’s better when there’s back and forth dialogue.

If you create a post on Instagram, think about doing an IG live for further explanation. It’ll not only answer questions live but create even more dialogue in the comment section after you post up the video.

On Twitter, people are more prone to retweet your responses and get more like-minded people to answer the topic. It’s an excellent way to draw traffic to your website if you have something valuable to sell.

Have a Good Profile Page

The initial thing people look at on your social media profile is your picture and caption. Think about creating something that goes with your brand or shows off a bit of your personality. Then under it, you can write a witty or informational caption that gives a brief introduction about your page.

You can also have links to your social media pages and website. Take time to create a profile picture that fits the dynamics of the social media page because that may be your only impression before people either stay or move to the next page.

Building a social media following doesn’t come easy, but these are a few tips to help you create more consistency and lasting followers.

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