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Top 10 business iPhone apps – Must-have business iphone apps

%image_alt%I get this question all the time, “What business iPhone apps should I use?” I feel a sense of responsibility to make sure my friends, family, and clients are using the most useful iPhone apps for their businesses or day-to-day operations.  After all, I was most likely the one who persuaded them to get an iPhone.

Here are the top 10, must-have, business iPhone apps:

  1. Scanner Pro – I don’t know where I’d be without this one.  This is your instant scanner on the fly.  For $6.99, you can scan one or multi-page documents and then it actually corrects and improves text readability when it %image_alt%scans in the document.  This is a big factor since the resolution is much sharper than just snapping a photo.  Here’s the cool part: After the scan, you can email it, print it, fax it (for 99 cents), or upload it to Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, or iDisk/WebDAV.  As an example, if you’re a technology consultant, personal fitness instructor, or another one-on-one consultant who needs clients to sign off on documents, you can scan their signed document, and upload it to Google Docs or email it to you for later record keeping.  It’s a nice touch since you can leave the signed document with your client for their copy and you’ll just have an electronic copy for yourself.  If you are a big faxer, I’d recommend signing up with MyFax ($10/month) where you can easily fax your scanned document after.  You’ll also receive your own fax number that others can fax you.  This is much cheaper and convenient than setting up a fax line in your office.
  2. Documents To Go Premium – The big question is always “How can I edit docs on my iPhone?”  Many apps %image_alt%have tried, but most have failed.  Documents to Go Premium allows you to create, edit, and view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  The great part is that you can easily access your online files, such as Google Docs, Dropbox,, iDisk, and SugarSync to edit and save within your accounts.  This app is a steep $16.99, but worth it due to the easy integration and editing functions.  If you use Google Docs or Apps as I do, I recommend going with GoDocs for Google Docs.  However, and this is a big however, only buy GoDocs if you’re 100% certain all of your docs and excel spreadsheets have been converted to the Google Docs format already.  The easiest way to do this is to make sure it is converted at the beginning of your bulk file upload.  Otherwise, you’ll have to do it one-by-one on your already uploaded files or upon creation.  The point here is that you cannot edit regular .docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx Microsoft files.  You can only view them with GoDocs.  But, if you’ve already converted them, the cheaper $4.99 apps works like a charm.  You can also access your pictures, videos, and other files stored in your Google account.  Documents To Go Premium is what I use since most of my Google docs are still in Word format, and I don’t want to spend weeks converting them to Google docs format for GoDocs to work with them.  The reason for editable apps not working well is that most online accounts have to be in their inherent formats, i.e. Google docs, Dropbox, or  If they are not, then the apps won’t work.  With Documents To Go Premium, formatting doesn’t matter since it’s powerful enough to work and edit with either Microsoft Office formats or the online formats.  It takes awhile for the initial sync, but good things happen to those who wait!
  3. ClockIn – If you bill by the hour, project, shift, or just want to know how many hours in total you’re charging your client, this app is for you.  There’s really not too much to say about this one, but it’s simple to use and it viewed online or emailed via spreadsheet.  Here’s a 1-minute ClockIn demo to check this Free app out.
  4. Evernote – This is great if you’d like to keep your notes, pics, websites, or audio reminders organized within one%image_alt% client or project folder.  This is great if you’re at a client site and want to record photos of the environment, client, etc., or to just keep notes all together for your project.  The downside is you cannot share this directly to your online cloud account, but you can organize it within your free Evernote app on your iPhone or email to yourself.
  5. HopStop – For subway / bus directions in the city, this free app takes the cake.  It will give you the shortest yet detailed directions for getting from point A to point B.  It will also give you easy driving directions throughout the US.
  6. Viber – This nifty app allows you to make free calls and texts to anyone else using an iPhone.  As long as you connect via Viber, the call is free.  This applies if you are in the US and your friend or colleague is in another country.  The sound quality is great and you don’t have to add a whole buddy list.  This app is key to have around to prepare for your next international trip or to be able to easily call your contacts abroad.
  7. LinkedIn – This free app is the new electronic business card.  Build your network and get unique business strategies within specialized industry groups.  This almost a no-brainer in today’s social media world.
  8. Ambiance – This white noise 99 cent app will put you in the Zen-like mode you need to crank out your work.  It includes rain, waves, wind, fire, and over 7 million other sounds.
  9. QuickBooks Online – Best accounting software hands-down for your computer and iPhone.  You can access your financials; accounts receivables, and customer list.  You don’t need to install any software on your computer.  Just log in and that’s it!  Feel free to try a demo online first for 30 days and then dig into a paid account, starting at $12.95/month.
  10. WhitePages – This is a great app if searching for a prospective customer.  Or if you want to find an unknown number you just missed on your phone.  You can track down the person or company on this free app.  It also offers great directions after looking up a people or business search.

These apps are easy to install and does not require an iPhone expert to provide any Apple support here.  You can do it yourself!  Take the time to install these must-have apps and increase your productivity now.

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