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Top 5 Computer Mice – new york computer repair support list

When you get a new computer, it comes with a basic mouse.  Boring!  Why not pimp your mouse up a bit?!

Here’s our Top 5 Computer Mice Favorites:%image_alt%

  1. Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX – It’s wireless, the size of a cell phone which means it fits like a glove.  Scrolling is easy and shortcut buttons are preconfigured for Windows Aero aor Apple Expose.  At $80, the best feature is its laser tracking technology allows you to use it on any surface – glass, carpet, couch.
  2. Microsoft Explorer Mouse – At $80, the best feature is its charging base for its %image_alt%cordless mouse.  No need for batteries here.  It also is multi-surface compatible.
  3. Kensington ci75m Wireless Notebook Mouse – At $35, it is the top laptop mouse.  It is sleek and easy to tuck away in your bag.  It actually has a sleep mode to conserve power while %image_alt%inactive.
  4. Razer Naga – At $80, this black and neon blue mouse is the best gaming mouse out there.  Or if you just want to have a precise laser sensor for pinpoint navigation, this is your mouse.  It comes with 17 programmable buttons.
  5. Razer Krait – At $40, this reasonably priced mouse is also a gamer mouse, but had %image_alt%to be included for its cool lighting effect.  But, this stands strong on its own two feet…or shall we say infrared technology.  Non-gamers will want this mouse too for its ergonomic, sensitive touch technology.  It’s wired for those anti-wireless folks.

Buying a mouse is a personal endeavor.  Besides looking at your computer screen, it is what you touch all the time.  Make sure your mouse suits you ergonomically and effectively to allow for a comfortable environment.  Computer technicians %image_alt%typically use wired mice, believe it or not, for stability and no-fuss.  However, if you’d like to be in a wireless computer environment, the wireless options in the top 5 mice list are great options.

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