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Top 5 stupid ways to get a computer virus. How can my computer get a virus?

Stupid ways to get a computer virusIf you think you’re vulnerable to the virus lord creators, you’re not.  However, some folks think just like like, they are always in stealth mode to infections and viruses.  In most cases, with a little care, you can protect yourself and computer from a lot of hardship.  But, those tips are for another day and another blog.

For now, you want to know what stupidity can result in a computer virus infection.  Well, Stupid ways to get a computer virushere are the top 5 ways of why we in the computer industry call a computer user issue the famous ID10T error, a.k.a. the computer user is an idiot!

  1. Porn, porn, and more porn.  First of all, we are in a streaming society people!  That means you don’t have to download hellacious content, in more ways than one.  When you download free content and then add porn to the mix, you’re working with a deadly combination that is wrought with spyware, viruses, and malware.  Good luck with that!
  2. Your computer has 10,000 errors.  Please click here to fix.  Don’t click this! Duh!  If it looks sensationally strange, stay away.  This link will inevitably provide you with the lovely gift of trojans, worms, and other disgusting-sounding terms.
  3. FBI alert.  Pay $250 or else we will alert the federal authorities.  Really?  Are you that big enough to alert the feds.  Keep dreaming and if you’ve clicked this as we’ve seen many customers do, you’re a fool sorry to tell you.
  4. Click here to update your software.  This is not as idiotic as the others, but just a little bit more reading would let you know your update is not from a trusted source, such as Adobe, Microsoft, or Quicktime.  Read further and don’t be lazy or else you’ll pay.
  5. Riding like a cowboy.  This wild term means you don’t have any anti-virus loaded on your system, further meaning you’re asking for trouble.  Jimmy up people!  Don’t ride unprotected or else your get some nasty viruses.


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