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Top 5 tips for beating the heat with your computer – Computer overheating prevention 101

5-steps-for-beating-the-heat-with-your-computerAlright, so the dog days of summer have arrived overnight as typical in New York City.  I just came back from a Family Friday event in my kids’ school and let me tell you, it felt like my ol’ school days of no air conditioning and sweating bullets.  Gotta love not being prepared for a 30 degree heat upswing.

Anyway, this got me to thinking what you can do to protect your computer in such heat.  The summer is upon us and you should make sure to protect your computer from overheating.  If you can’t find yourself in the pool every day with your laptop, well, then, you’ll need to follow these computer overheating prevention tips.

Here are 5 tips to beating the heat with your computer:

  1. Don’t give your laptop a tan.  It may seem obvious, but if you’re at the beach or pool, keep your laptop in the shade.  The sun is one step away from sticking a magnet against your laptop and killing the hard drive.  Heat will kill too over time so give your laptop some shade.
  2. Your laptop should not be a couch potato.  Keep your laptop off the bed, couch, or anything goes down and envelopes.  This surface will stifle the fan and heat sink slots, preventing your laptop from dissipating hot air.  Instead, get a cooling mat or flat surface like a tray to keep your laptop to allow good air flow.
  3. Clean out your desktop.  I’m not talking about a PC tune-up or Mac basic clean-up service.  I mean physically open up your tower and remove dust bunnies.  Now is the time or else further heat could singe your dust bunnies and short your motherboard.  Yup, it happens more than you’d think.  Go inside, don’t be scared!
  4. Install a new surge protector strip.  Yep, this is just one of those $7 doohickey sticks were you have a bunch of outlets coming out of it.  If you don’t have one, stop, drop, and roll your way out your home now to buy one at Staples or somewhere else.  If you have one, say thank you for regulating surges and spikes in the winter, and now you need a new one for the summer since the current one is beat up.
  5. Call in reinforcements.  Make sure to back up your files.  Alright, so sometimes your computer is so old or your place is so darn hot that you’re going to be in trouble sooner or later.  Make sure you have a good backup online, i.e. Carbonite, Google Drive, Mozy, DropBox.  This way, you can sleep well at night albeit maybe in a hot pool of sweat without proper AC.

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