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Top 5 ways to extend your iPhone battery – iPhone battery nyc

The iPhone is great.  There is no feature lacking.  It has solid reception, great audio quality for songs, Facetime is a hit, and website browsing is quick and easy.  But, for some reason, Apple support still hasn’t figured out how to keep the battery life from dying so quickly.

Here are the top 5 ways to extend your iPhone battery:%image_alt%

  1. Make sure Auto-Brightness is on.  Settings->Brightness
  2. Reduce screen Brightness.  Settings->Brightness
  3. Turn Bluetooth off.  Settings->General
  4. Turn WiFi off.  Settings->WiFi
  5. Turn off Location Services.  Settings->General

The first 2 brightness features are a no-brainer.  Then, bluetooth is also easy to toggle off if you’re not using it with your headset or car.  With WiFi service, it might be tough to turn off because Internet usage does not count towards your bill on WiFi.  However, WiFi really degrades your battery since your iPhone is constantly searching for the wireless network signal.

Also, keep in mind that if your wireless signal is spotty or slow, your iPhone will display slow performance as well.  The Location Services applies to apps, such as Urbanspoon, Zagat, and IMDb which constantly use GPS to see where you are to provide the best local choices for you.  If you’re not using these apps right away, turn this feature off.

iPhone batteries do degrade over time to the point where they do not get the same charge any longer.  If you feel like your iPhone is at that point, you can replace your iPhone battery with a local NYC iPhone repair place.  It should not cost more than $75 for the battery and tech service.

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