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Top iPhone 4S issues – Fix iPhone 4s problems – Top 3 iPhone 4S issues

As with any new product, the iPhone 4S has its new list of iPhone issues. But, the Apple support folks don’t just put out any product so, as imagined, any screw-ups on Apple’s end is put under the microscope.

Here are the top iPhone 4S issues so far:

  1. Weak battery – The iPhone 4S is more power hungry than the iPhone 4 with its faster processor, draining Wi-Fi, videos, and music, and plethora of demanding apps.  This is a bummer since Apple experts touted the higher capacity battery.  It is slightly longer, but depletes at the same pace as the iPhone 4.
  2. Slow camera – The camera is one of the high points at 8 megapixels, 3 megapixels more than the iPhone 4.  But, there have been a lot of complaints with the shutter speed or lack there of.  Yes, the clarity is better, but the time in between pictures is still lagging as is one of the complaints with the iPhone 4.
  3. Screen smudges – On a minority of iPhones produced, the manufacturing process has left a yellow residue, displaying yellow tints and spots within the iPhone 4S screens.  This is obviously not enjoyable since most of the Apple experience is its visual appeal.

Another notable issue for some is that Siri doesn’t have location-services outside of the US. That means Siri won’t find you local Paris restaurants since it won’t be able to find you abroad.  Siri will work for verbalizing emails and setting up appointments.  But, Siri takes a vacation when you do if you’re traveling internationally.

That being said, the iPhone 4S is still an amazing phone. Leave it to an Apple enthusiast like me to make lemonade out of sour lemons here!  My Apple insiders tell me that the battery issue is here to stay while only a minor Apple iOS update may allow the battery to use its resources more wisely.  This is not expected anytime soon.  The camera issue is not expected to have a fix until the iPhone 5 comes out.  As for the screen appearance, the same thing will be done as with older iPhones having the same problem:  nothing.  The Apple techs cannot do anything after the fact when the manufacturing process embeds glass residue.  If they didn’t filter the iPhones out during the manufacturing stage, they’ll find themselves in the stores.  Be sure to return your iPhone 4S if you have this yellowish defect in the screen.

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