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Turn your TV into Android – Turn TV into computer – TV computer setup – cheapest smart TV – go to Internet on TV

What would you say if I’d promise you that your TV can turn into a computer.  Not a smart TV or installed box-connected medium combination.  But, a full-fledged readily useable TV?!  You’d probably reply with a dumbfounded look or something similar.

Well, the future is here people!  Kickstarter success Equiso has created a small HDMI device that looks like a USB thumb drive that will turn your TV into a computer.  It’s called the Equiso Smart TV.  An Android tablet to be precise.  Just plug it in and you have an Android tablet for only $69.  You can control it by waving your hand or using the provided remote control.

What’s in the Equiso?

  • Android operating system
  • 1GHZ processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • Wireless N
  • HDMI plug-in supports 3D video
  • 8GB storage
  • USB interface included for easy computer connection or added USB storage
  • Full keyboard remote control

The take-away points here are that you pay $69 for a full-fledged Smart TV, without the big box and difficult computer setup or tech setup.  You’ll get all the apps you’d get with a Smart TV, such as Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, hulu, Crackle, ESPN, Skype, and more.  You may also use the Internet via your TV.  You can buy this on eBay.  This is definitely worth the investment as you’ll be able to jazz up your TV in no time!

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