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Unlimited text plan by AT&T – get unlimited text on iPhone or Blackberry

%image_alt%If you use AT&T, call them up now for the unlimited text plan.  For only, $20/month, you can text as much as you want.  They have gotten rid of its 1000 texts per month in favor of this plan.  So, if you’re not on the unlimited plan, you should call up AT&T to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Why the change?  Well, AT&T has smartened up by realizing that more people text instead of calling.  According to J. D. Power and Associates 2011 study, people have talked 77 minutes less per month (450 minutes in 2010 instead of 527 in 2009).  On average, Americans are texting approximately 600 texts per month.  Of course, teenagers are the heaviest texters at a whopping 3,339 texts per month.  OMG!

I’m a big texter.  I like it because you can get your point across fast.  It also helps because I’m usually multi-tasking with our computer service scheduling and coordination.  Keep in mind that the new iPhone 5 support will have iMessage, a product the Apple genuis folks hope will trump Blackberry’s Blackberry Messenger (BBM).  Essentially, you’ll be able to text on your iPhone through your data plan.  Thus, you won’t even need a text plan…well, unless you want to text non-iPhone users.  But, there aren’t too many of those out there any more.

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