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How to upgrade your hard drive to a solid state drive – A hard drive tip from the NYC computer repair experts

How to upgrade solid state driveLooking to speed up your computer? I mean, really speed it up?  

Upgrading your RAM alone sometimes isn’t enough.  That’s certainly the first place to target.  Upgrade your RAM for $50 – $100 and you have instantly doubled your computer speed.

Good, but what if you want a faster startup speed and faster speed when accessing your files and all around?  You’ll definitely need to man up and bump up from kiddie school.  That means, you need to join the many other DIY’ers (do-it-yourself’ers) and go deeper.

Swapping your hard drive for a solid state drive will make everything faster, including your read/write speed, power on and off, startup speed, Internet speed and normal word processing and other app speeds.  

So, how do you do it?  Here’s how to upgrade your hard drive for a solid state drive:Upgrade HD to SSD

  1. Buy a solid state drive! We like the Samsung Evo series.
  2. Locate a screwdriver! Duh!
  3. So, you need your files, right?  You need to clone your current drive.  This can and should be done if your drive is in physically good shape.  That means no bad sectors. You can do a quick hard drive check by performing a free hard drive check.
  4. Now, onto the cloning! Get yourself a SATA 2.5 enclosure, put your new solid state drive (SSD) in there and you can use any number of third-party cloning tools, such as True Image Home, for the process.  Install the software and choose the option to Clone Disk.
  5. After the cloning process is completed, take out your SSD out of the enclosure and swap it for the current hard drive in your computer.  Turn on your computer, and voila!  You have a peppy computer!

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