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How to use MacOS Sierra Picture in Picture – Watch video while doing something else

How to setup pip picture in picture on MasOC SierraYou have MacOS Sierra.  Congrats!  But, do you know how to really take advantage of it?  Or in more PC terms, how can you leverage its capabilities?

For one, you should be able to know how to use the MacOS Sierra Picture in Picture feature.  This will allow you to watch movies, videos, YouTube how-to’s and such simultaneously while doing other stuff.  This will help you be productive while watching videos.  So, for instance, if you want to go on the Internet or write a your next novel, you can do so while flaring out your video.  This will allow you to see both.

Here’s how to use MacOS Sierra Picture in Picture:

  1. Open up Safari or iTunes.
  2. Use Vimeo as a video player within Safari.
  3. When playing a video in Vimeo or iTunes, click the button on the video player.  It is between the AirPlay and full-screen buttons.
  4. Your video will pop out in a Picture in Picture (PIP) window in one of the four corners of your Mac desktop.

Your PIP experience should work flawlessly by following these steps.  No Mac support experience necessary here folks! Just plain step-following on away you go with the coolest PIP feature in MacOS Sierra.

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