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Virus vs. spyware – Difference between virus and spyware – what’s the difference between spyware and viruses

NYC virus - spyware removalSpyware and viruses are the same, right?  Spyware is just a less worse form of viruses, isn’t it?  Nope!  They may sometimes seem to have similar effects, but they are totally different.

Let’s start with how viruses and spyware are similar, their intent and effects.  They are both:

  • Uninvited and potentially destructive
  • Able to slow performance and delete info
  • Delivered via websites, downloads and email attachments

How are spyware and viruses different?

  • Viruses seeks to spread and spyware seeks to embed.  Viruses go for numbers, the more computers to spread the infection, the better.  It will look to seek out your contacts and email them viruses.  Similar to parasites, spyware hides in your computer and tries to disguise itself as a fake application, such as anti-virus software.  In turn, it collects browsing and Internet preference about you that could have a heavier processing toll on your computer due to its constant monitoring executables.
  • Virus creators go for the fame while spyware is for monetary gain.  Computer viruses are for notoriety, seeing how many computers can be infected.  Spyware creators are hired anonymously to target consumers’ preferences, and then appealing to them with ads.  A one-time charge may be made for tricking computer users into purchasing fake anti-spyware software.
  • Viruses are worse than spyware.  Viruses can cause blue screens, start-up computer problems, and corrupt systems.  Computer spyware may slow your computer and typically don’t get worse than that.

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