VR Headset Repair

VR Headsets can break or just go bad! We are here to fix it for you.

Brands We Work With

Many Big Box Stores Rely on us to Fix their VR Headsets. You're in good hands.

How did we get into fixing VR headsets?

Just like other products we have fixed, most manufacturers for VR headsets do not fix their own products.  They’d rather you just buy the latest product they have instead.  Well, we love fixing tech stuff like this!  And we equally love putting smiles on consumers’ faces while one-upping the manufacturers.

VR Headset Repair Prices


Starting from $250

Oculus Support will force you to go through a warranty or no warranty process. Then, you'll be lucky enough to wait weeks to have Oculus send you a replacement...for a cost of course. Our VR techs will actually repair your Oculus issue.

Samsung Odyssey

Starting from $250

Samsung actually has a store you can visit. But, you should check to see if they actually fix VR headsets. Otherwise, just expect to pay for a new headset. We will actually fix your Odyssey headset issue.

HP Reverb

Starting from $300

HP will ask you to ship in their headsets to repair. We've heard not so rosy reviews from receiving HP headsets back after a fix that were no better than before the fix. You can choose HP with its bad track record or us, a tech company who cares to really fix your VR headset.

HTC Vive

Starting from $400

So, HTC support for repairs is an interesting concept. You can either ship it to HTC or HTC can let you know how to fix it yourself. If you're technical, go for the latter. If not, play it safe and get it done by us, the HTC experts.


Starting from $400

Pimax support has an extensive disclaimer of what is under warranty and what is not covered. Based on the legalese, you can expect yours to fall outside of support. Not us. We're happy to service your Pimax.

Varjo VR

Starting from $1,500

Varjo VR support is another mail it away and hold your breath service. Feel free to mail it to us or walk in with confidence. We will see your repair service through on your Varjo VR headset.

Mail-in Your Device

Simply make a shipping request and mail in your device to have your VR headset repaired.

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