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Want to find out who’s calling you, from where, and even get a photo? Here’s how…

WhoApp reviewLet’s face it, Caller ID was cool in the 90’s.  It really hasn’t revolutionized into anything of substance.  Now, WhoApp is the difference-maker in the Caller ID market.

WhoApp, a new iPhone app, will actually let you know if you’re getting a call from a telemarketer, scammer, or friend you spoke to years back.  It will also recognize an unknown number by giving you a name, profile image, address, and view of their location!  Wow, talk about reverse-investigative reporting!

Like we are all annoying by getting telemarketers calling our cell phones, TelTech, the WhoApp creators, also were sick and tired of all the spam calls people were getting.  The Do Not Call list wasn’t enough so they took action.

Here’s how WhoApp works:

  1. You get a call to your iPhone.  Sorry Android folks.  Not available for you yet.  Isn’t that always the case? 🙂
  2. If you don’t recognize the caller or want more info, decline the call.
  3. WhoApp then dials back the number and displays all the info of the caller, including profile pic, name, location, and if they’re a telemarketer, friend, or another category.

I like that unknown numbers are now known!  Great little tech service app to put more info in your hands.

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