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WD TV Play review – WD TV Play vs Roku vs Apple TV – Should I buy WD TV Play?

Best WD TV Play reviewA new contender is out in the media box / smart TV market, the WD TV Play.  Yes, this is made by Western Digital and it’s actually not a bad alternative to Roku and Apple TV. 

At $70, the WD TV Play does a great job in providing a vast selection of content.  The tech setup is a breeze and the NYC WD TV Play setupInternet setup connection is stable throughout the process.  The included apps are Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Spotify, YouTube, and SlingPlayer.  The last two apps are not available through Roku and definitely add a nice little element there.  With SlingPlayer, you can access the WD TV Play through your iPhone, iPad, or computer that is not at home.

If you have music and videos on your networked computers or devices, the WD TV Play will pull it off.  PC supported devices are easy to work with.  Of course, you miss out on iTunes and have a hard time networking Apple computers and devices since that’s really licensed for the Apple TV only.

Should you buy a WD TV Play?  Yes, if you’re looking for a streamer which can pull from your home network and also work with cloud streaming.  Go with a Roku if you just care about Internet-based media services and go with the Apple TV if you love iTunes and have other Apple supported devices and computers.

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