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Wearable computers – the next big computer idea – computer support review

%image_alt%If you think geek is chic, then, the wearable computers trend is for you. If you can wear it, and it can do something for you, then that’s what it’s all about.  Think about the old retro calculator watch but better.  Then, Nike+ and FIT armband improved upon this old technology support for sports and health monitoring.  Now, another group of companies are looking to further improve upon the wearable computer industry.

Here are some geeky gadgets that you may wear:%image_alt%

  • Android-bracelet that keeps track of your calendar and weather.
  • Jawbone bracelet that will monitor your sleep and exercise.  Coming soon.
  • The Looxcie 2 records video by placing it over your ear.  Lists for $200.
  • Zypad WL’s wrist-watch computer.  App. $550.

The big challenge I see is being able to create a product that inconspicuously meshes well with your body. Currently, the computer-wearable bracelets and armbands work well because they are not %image_alt%bulky.  Plus, what’s wrong with wearing a bracelet?  Once you start getting bulkier around the wrist or eyes, then you have to sacrifice normalcy for staring eyes.

Having an eyesore on your body is not fun, especially when you’re paying hundreds of dollars for it. If the eyesores and pricing can reduce to a minimum, then there will be a viable industry for wearable computers.  As always with the computer repair industry, it will take years for pricing to come down as competition enters the market.  Until then, the computer-wearable bracelets, armbands, and Nike+’s of the world will dominate.

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