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What is lab recovery service? What is the process?

What is lab recovery service?Lab recovery. The all-mighty Stage 2.  The holy grail of recoveries.  The Level 2.  The highest of the highest computer recovery service you will find.  

You’ll need this if your computer or external hard drive goes belly up and there is no easy way to copy files over.  In other words, the physical nature of your hard drive is so bad that it will not respond to extracting files off of it.

So, what’s next? Lab recovery service!

What is lab recovery service process?  

  1. First, the hard drive must be in a dust-free Class 100 environment.  Essentially, this means the environment is controlled where airborne particles are highly limited.  Don’t take this lightly.  If the platters are exposed to even 1-2% overall dust from the room, it could kill the chance of recovering files.
  2. Upon opening of the drive, the parts are analyzed and failed parts, i.e. spindle motor, arm, board, etc, are swapped out.  Please note that each part has to be identical to the existing one down to the manufacturing date and model number.
  3. After the parts are swapped and the drive is operational, the integrity of the drive is checked, including sector health, partition/format health, and file success.
  4.  Files are then copied to an external hard drive or other medium.
  5. The drive in question is not to be used or worked on any longer.  Yes, it was rebuilt, but just long enough to pull files off of it.  It is not stable enough to use long-term.

That is it. Oh, you’re wondering what the cost is.  Well, it is typically based on the size of the drive and severity.  A 4TB drive will cost more than a 500GB drive.  A server RAID 5 will cost more than a 4TB drive.  It is case by case as a solid lab recovery service will usually back its service with a flat fee and pay only if files are recovered policy.

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