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What has been the trend for business social media? What can you do to improve your business social media?

How to improve my business social mediaSocial media has taken a sharp turn to becoming more personal for companies.  What was effective for companies a few years ago is now a fad.  When Facebook for business, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn first started, it was easy to post for business.  I first posted images of our logo, store, and computer equipment.  It went well as there wasn’t much competition at first.  As more companies followed through with social media, the trend came to more personalization.

Nowadays, the best social media posts seem to be those of yourself, other people, or just some kind of human touch.  Nobody wants to see self-promotion as that will turn away new subscribers and current followers.  The posts that work well are of myself or computer service techs at work.  Social media followers or viewers want to see what your company is all about.  Also, posts that work well are those of inside equipment, how-to’s for do-it-yourself’ers, and other pics that every-day people don’t post.  For example, to show an opened iPhone or the inside of a MacBook with one of our techs working on it is a good pic to show. A boring, passé image to show is of just the outside of a laptop.  Boring.  It’s good to add the human element to it.

So, the next time you post on your social media page for your business, ask yourself how you can add a person behind it along with any uniqueness you can add to it.

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