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What is a browser – what is a web browser – browser def – web browser definition

Definition of web browser
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Browser is a term that is loosely thrown around.  Some people refer to Google as a browser, others the Internet.  But, what is the actual definition of a browser, or web browser?

A browser, itself, is a software application used to retrieve and exchange information on the Internet.  Another way to think of it on more of a geek support way is that it is a program used to view HTML documents.  A web browser is more specifically tied to the browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, to access the Internet.  A web browser is not Google, but the browser used to access Google searches to scope out stuff on the Internet.  Google, itself, is part search engine, part empire.  Seriously, Google is just another website address, or URL (uniform resource locator), to view sites based on your searches.

Next time you’re going on the Internet, you’ll know the difference between browser, web browser, and website address.  All very different by any technology support standards as you should be in the know as well.

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