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What is good computer user payment etiquette? – Should I tip for my computer repair service? – Should I tip my computer repairman?

tip-computer-repairmanAs computer experts, we discuss all the time what should be done to your computer.  How to fix a computer virus?  How to speed up your aging computer?  But, what about you as the computer user?  The end user.  The consumer?  How are you supposed to act as a person, not just a user behind your computer?

We get endless questions which we respect and appreciate regarding tipping, paying, and the all-things related to tips.  The next few blogs, we will discuss a series of money questions we get from customers all the time when fixing their computers.  This blog will be dedicated to if you should tip as a computer user.

Here are is the best way to handle tipping for your computer service:

  • Should I tip for a computer service visit?  Good question.  We provide two kinds of computer services.  We visit homes and offices and we get most tips from home users.  Offices are typically on account so they are billed or the Accounts Payable rep isn’t on site or wants to be inconvenienced to pay outside of payroll for a tip.  Plus, it is a nuisance to account for this expense and whether it is reimbursable.  On the home end, the homeowner, the decision maker, a.k.a. the money person, is around to greet our computer technician and typically feels the right thing to do is tip.  Our feeling is tipping is definitely not a requirement, but as any service person, i.e. food delivery person, refrigerator repairman, you should treat us to the same genre, of course, giving us a little better priority than your Chinese take-out delivery dude.  That being said, if you genuinely feel our service was exceptional and are able to spare a few shekels, then tipping should be done.
  • Should I tip when dropping off my computer at a repair shop?  Now, when folks stop into our computer repair shop for a free diagnostic, should they tip?  We have customers who get the exact solution to what needs to be done to their computer.  If they do not proceed, but receive knowledgeable information on how they can fix their computer, then I’d say that is tippable.  If they proceed with our service and pay for it, then that is similar to the previous scenario.  If exceptional service, the tip should be provided.  Where it gets mirky is how you classify our service.  If you look at a computer repair shop like a car mechanic shop, well, then, no extra dollars should be exchanged.  But, if you value the computer consultation as you liken your swedish massage at your spa, then, the high-end computer service you received should be greased and tipped.

At the end of the day, you pay for the dollar amount requested for your computer service.  If you feel you received the best service ever or the tech went above and beyond, then that is reason enough to tip.

The next blog will discuss how much to tip.  This is a a fiery debate as you can imagine.

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4 thoughts on “What is good computer user payment etiquette? – Should I tip for my computer repair service? – Should I tip my computer repairman?”

  1. I’d tip for a free diagnostic. Not sure how much though. Maybe 15 if it was a quick and easy job, something more complex maybe like 25. 30 if they were polite and nice too.

    1. Hey Zak, well, you are a very kind person who values helpful info. You’re a good person, Zak!

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