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What is Readability – Should I use it? – Readability review

%image_alt%Readability is an Apple service app that makes reading on your iPhone and iPad easier.  Basically, it makes the font larger and reduces the clutter.  At its essence, it gets rid of any article you’re not reading on the page and zooms in on the one you’re interested in.

Another way to look at it is that Readability transforms any web page into a Reader format.  You will see an option on every iPad or iPhone Safari browser, prompting you to change the format to Reader.  The Reader icon is listed to the right of the website address in the browser bar.  Just click that and you will receive a web page that narrows down your article to one, filtering the side articles.  Sound familiar, right?  It is.  It’s just like Readability!

Since Readability is just like the iPhone or iPad Reader, there’s no need to use Readability.  Readability wastes your time by having you add all the websites you want to use with Readability.  There’s no need to do this with Reader.  If you’re on a page that you want to zoom in better, just use Reader.

I think the Apple support or iPhone experts felt they just wanted to brand Apple’s name on one more product.  But, this product has been perfectly well with the Reader option.  So, there’s no need to waste time playing with another app.  Put this on your “Do not use” list.

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