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What is Roamio DVR? – Roamio DVR review

roamio-vs-apple-tvRoamio DVR is now the new catch word in the TiVo world.  If you’re too young to remember TiVo, it is the first innovator in the freeze and record your program so it’s on your schedule.  Your cable box now does exactly what TiVo did in the late 1990’s, save all your favorite shows to watch later.

Now, TiVo has come out with Roamio DVR. From $200 – $600, you can record and watch your shows from your phones and devices.  This is just like Slingbox.  It also offers Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon like Roku does.  What separates Roamio is the ability to record up to six shows at once.  Further, it holds the biggest hard drive capacity at 3TB.  That’s 450 hours of high-definition content.  Another cool feature is being able to stream content to multiple TVs as well as tablets and smartphones.

Overall, the DVR kills the Apple TV and Roku with its features and storage size.  But, the price is the big downside.  However, if you’re a huge TV fan, this one is definitely for you.  Another downside is you have to be somewhat of a tech support guy or at least now a technology expert to set it up.  It’s not for the tech faint at heart.

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