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What is Snapchat – Snapchat def – Snapchat definition – Why do kids love Snapchat?

Snapchat-why-do-kids-love-itSnapchat – just another kind of photo app, right?  Wrong!  If you happen to take a peek at a college kid’s iPhone, chances are, Snapchat is on there.  What is Snapchat?  Snapchat allows you to send a message with a picture or video.  Then, is lives for only 1 – 10 seconds depending on how long you’d like it to be there.  Then, it’s gone.  What’s the big deal with this?

Snapshot allows you to send an image or video that may come back to haunt you without any reservations.  Unlike Facebook or an email, this picture only is around until 10 seconds of time.  Then, it’s gone and cannot be used against you in a court of law or otherwise.  So, kids love it!  They can send pictures without the accountability.  For example, see too much drinking at the fraternity house, or hooking up with another girl, or just plain looking like an idiot.  Send all the incriminating photos and videos you can find, and guess what?  No accountability.  A little scary, but kids or adults and gloat about their achievements, or low-lights, and not have to worry about the consequences.

You’re probably asking right now, “There has to be a way to capture these photos or videos, right?”  Yes, with an iPhone or Mac or Android you can capture the screen itself which would allow you to save the photo.  So, you’re not really in the true clear with Snapchat.

Please note Snapchat is not allowed for those under 13 years old.  That’s a bit of a relief.  I wouldn’t want to see some 4 year old picking his nose and showing the world.

As per the tech setup, it’s pretty easy.  Just download the app and request your friends to accept you, and snap away.

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