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What to do when your PC freezes – PC freeze fix – PC doesn’t move fix – PC freezes how-to fix – NYC PC repair – PC repair NYC

If your PC freezes, something is going on under the hood.  Just like if a car stalls, the engine or something else is causing NYC PC repair - PC freezing issueit to overheat or not function smoothly.  So, the bigger reason of why your PC is freezing must be figured out.  But, in the meantime, how do you get past the freezing to eek out just a few more minutes of computer service time?

Here are the steps to take to continue working if your PC freezes?

  1. Patience.  Wait 20-30 seconds.  Chances are, your computer is trying to finish loading something or closing a program.  Whatever the case, give your PC the chance to catch up with you.
  2. Force quit.  Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open up the Task Manager.  Then, End task on the “Not responding” program.
  3. Kill background processes.  If quitting the unresponsive program doesn’t work, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete again and this time go to Processes and kills the process that is taking the most CPU time.  I hate ball hogs!
  4. Power down.  If all else fails, and you’ve waited a reasonable period of time for your quits and kills to work, then hold down your PC power button for 5 seconds to turn it off.  Give it a minute and turn it back on.

In the long run, you’ll want to perform a full PC diagnostic of your computer to see what it’s freezing.  Common causes are:  computer viruses, PC spyware, overheating, and failing RAM / hard drive.

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