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What’s the best way to keep IT costs down for my company?

How to keep IT support costs down for companyYou’ve been tasked with the job of supporting the computer needs of your company.  Maybe that’s what you’ve wanted to do, but usually it’s just another task you’ve been given that really is not what you signed up for.  Such is life, right?

Good news, here at New York Computer Help, we’ve signed up to do IT.  That’s what we do.  So, guess what that means?  You can do the smart thing and delegate this non-preferred task to us.  Yup, that will take a load off your plate.

How can you sell it?  You can tell your manager that it will save him or her a bundle.  That’s right.  Outsourcing IT will be a tremendous cost savings in the short and long run.

Here’s how outsourcing your IT support will keep costs down for your company:

Less IT budget costs are needed.

You didn’t go to school for IT.  Or maybe you don’t have the proper IT experience.  It would take you 3-4 hours to troubleshoot a computer issue and possibly make it worse versus an IT professional coming in to fix it in 1 hour.   It’s dollars and sense on this one.

Opportunity costs are properly channeled.

What does this mean?  If your head is trying to figure out a challenging Mac or PC issue, your head is not in the game with what you normally do.  If your primary job is to perform financial planning, accounting services, or make your sales quota, you’re obviously not getting paid for your bread and butter expertise by becoming the spur-of-the-moment techie.  As such, the opportunity cost is wasted on you as a YouTube computer fixer versus what you really could be helping the company with.  As such, getting your focus back to pushing your company’s performance will better serve your office’s bottom line.

Hire only performance-driven staff.

You can make the argument that if you outsource your IT along with any other service measures, shipping and packaging, cleaning services, etc, you will only need to hire company performers.  If your company is a hedge fund, then hire only financial wizards.  If your company sells mops, only hire sales people.  You won’t need to find a jack of all trades which will water down your company’s message, brand, and most critically, your overall performance focus.  Outsourcing IT support allows your HR to have an easier job of hiring only those folks who are in the industry.  Basically, it allows your company to get sh%* done as it should be.

So, the next time you consider hiring a quasi-IT tech, reconsider the cost, time, and performance implications that negatively come along with this.  Outsourcing your office IT will ensure your company prospers in the industry direction that it should.

If you’d like to see how much IT outsourcing costs, you can sign up for a free Company IT Outsourcing Support Consultation.

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