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When is iPad mini coming out? – iPad mini release date – iPad mini date – iPad mini pictures – What will iPad mini look like – iPad mini specs – How to buy iPad mini

%image_alt%The iPad mini is coming!  Our suppliers have already started producing parts for it.  We’ll receive these iPad mini service parts by the end of August.  The iPad mini itself will be released at the end of September according to our Apple service insiders.  They are trying to release it along with the iPhone 5, but the iPhone may be delayed due to screen shortages.  However, Apple would rather produce both products during the same launch date for more of a splash.

What are the iPad mini specs going to be?

  • Screen:  7.85 inch-retina display.  That’s incredible to have such a retina display on a small screen, and Apple goes one up by installing Sharp’s IZGO display which handles 330 ppi (pixels per inch).  The new iPad is only at 264 ppi so you’ll get even better brightness and clarity with the iPad mini.
  • Size:  Slightly thinner and lighter than the new iPad
  • Processor:  Similar to the new iPad, the Dual-core A5X chip with quad-core graphics is expected.
  • Cameras:  Yes, cameras as in plural.  Front and back cameras will be on it.
  • Dock Connector:  This will be smaller just like for the iPhone 5 from 30 to 19 pins, or maybe just 9 pins.
  • Price:  $299 is expected.

%image_alt%How can you buy the iPad mini?  Apple online and in-store.  Best Buy, Radio Shack, and others will follow with limited supplies.

The iPad mini will, once again, change everything as Apple likes to say.  The game is on with the mini tablet war after the iPad mini is released.  The Kindle Fire, Nook, Nexus and others may have had a head start, but their honeymoon will be short-lived once the iPad mini is released.  It is far superior in terms of design, function, and image.

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