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When is the iWatch coming out – iWatch release – iWatch date – How to buy iWatch – iWatch release date

iWatch release date - New York Computer Help leak
iWatch release date – New York Computer Help leak

When is the iWatch coming out?  Next to the real Apple TV, the iWatch is the next best i-Things thing to look out for.  It is a more convenient way to text, see updates, and stay in the loop.  But, when’s it coming out?  As is typical with the Apple service folks, they have been quiet about this.  But, thanks to our own Apple support insiders, we have information leading us to see that the iWatch is attempted to be released for the 2013 holiday season in December.

Currently, the Apple engineers are working avidly on the iWatch.  The gorilla glass, the battery, and internal parts have been producing well at the manufacturing plants.  However, Apple is having some technical issues with the seal of the glass.  It is not sitting flush and needs either the parts surrounding it to be molded cleaner or the glass to be a different shape.  This is not a big issue, but more of a lag time problem which will be rectified in due time.  The timing may delay the launch date to early 2014 depending on how quickly the iWatch Apple issue gets resolved.

The iWatch will be well worth the wait.  A sterling 1.5-inch screen will connect to all your i-Devices via bluetooth.  You’ll get to select which info to show up your iWatch.  Can’t wait!


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