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When to DIY computer fix and when not to.

DIY - when to do it on my own

Not sure if you’re up to the task for your own DIY computer fix? Here’s when to do it on your own. And then there’s the list when you should leave it to the real techs.

We’ve had tons of DIY’ers come to us, heads down, all embarrassed with their failed DIY attempts, asking for us to bring their computers back to life. I’m all for DIY work, but only, and I repeat, only when you’re 100% confident you can do it.

Here’s when you can DIY for your computer issues:

  1. Got viruses?
Computer virus diy fix

Bottom line here, people, it that sure, Youtube offers a lot of tutorials and how-to’s, and if you’re comfortable tearing down and building up your computer, then, go for it. But, if you’re a bit worried about the computer repair process, leave it to the computer repair shops as you may cause more damage and have more expenses than necessary.

Don’t panic. If you have a virus removal software already installed, well, run it! Duh! Yes, it’s a duh moment, but maybe you haven’t thought about it.

2. Spilled something on your laptop?

Laptop spill DIY

Turn off your laptop for a good 48 hours. Open up the lid all the way and place it flat on a surface. You can also place a towel underneath your laptop to absorb the liquid.

3. Computer frozen?

How to fix frozen Mac diy

Restart it! See if that fixes it. Many times, you may have a gummed up program that is stuck in the background. Unstuck it! Yes, that’s a tech term.

4. No power?

Computer won't power up.

Try a different outlet. Try a different power cord. Try something!

Now, here’s when you should leave it to the big guys. You know, the big techs, the geeks, the folks that do this for a living.

  1. Not sure what the deal is. Maybe I should open it up?

Nope. N-O! No! Don’t do that. Unless you’ve done it before or are a tech head or electronics buff by trade, do not do it. This is where things can go terribly wrong and cause more damage. So, please, unless you feel like you’re a mission impossible expert who can solve anything, don’t let your ego get the best of you here.

2. Cracked laptop screen.

See explanation above. No tech chops. Not doing it! Maybe Youtube has a video to try. Sure, check it out. But, if you’re like, woah, that step was tricky, then don’t do it!

3. Hardware part replacement.

Whether it be a logic board replacement, hard drive replacement, or another part, ask yourself if you’re comfortable removing 30+ screws, a dozen parts, and then being able to remember where they all go back. If yes, then, sure, proceed at your own risk. If not, then you may want to rethink it.

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