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Where can I get my cracked Nintendo Switch repaired in NYC?

As a mainstay in the tech repair industry since 2000, every year we make it our New Year’s resolution to pick up a device that hasn’t seen enough repair love. One year we repaired drones because we saw repair shops charging an arm and a leg, another year we repaired Microsoft Surfaces because Microsoft, well, wouldn’t. Another time we actually started repairing multi-dimensional digital clocks from the MOMA because nobody could. So, as you can see, we pick a gadget every year typically because the industry for that gadget has failed the consumer or is incompetent.

So, this year’s gadget to repair is the Nintendo Switch. Why? Well, sure, there are a handful of other places who perform this repair. But, most don’t specialize in them and just do them on the side. Plus, if you open your eyes for 5-10 minutes in the city, you’ll see some kid or grown-up hacking away at a game on the Nintendo Switch.

Does the industry need another Nintendo Switch repair shop?

One of the tests I perform to see if the industry is broken for repairs on the gadget is to see if the manufacturer will repair it and how long. Surprisingly enough, Nintendo will repair your Switch. But, unsurprisingly, the turn-around time is long at 2-3 weeks. You can tack on another week to receive a label to send your device in. So, all in, your at 4 weeks as the initial estimate. Then, comes the pricing. With Nintendo repairing your device, you don’t even know what the price could be until it’s in their hands. That’s terrible. At least Microsoft can give you an initial price on your cracked Surface screen before your ship it in.

So, you may be out over a month and not be happy with the repair price. Not good, Nintendo. Not good at all. My son who loves the Nintendo Switch would drive me up the wall if we ever dreamt (nightmared) of sending it in to you. But, that would never happen. So, in this regard, the manufacturer is not responsibly supporting repairs.

Now, onto third-party shops. I got back to my comment before on this one. Most shops just repair Nintendo Switch issues as an aside with their phone repairs. That’s not awful as long as they know what they’re doing.

So, we at New York Computer Help are throwing our hat into the ring here. And if you’ve enjoyed our gadget repairs since 2000, you’ll be pleased with our new service here of Nintendo Switch repairs. We’re confident we’ll reshape the Nintendo Switch repair industry. Just like we have done for the PC repair industry, Mac repair, iPhone repair, Microsoft Surface repair, and more!

Why use us for your Nintendo Switch repair in NYC?

It will be faster than Nintendo for sure!

You’ll know the price upfront. No surprises here.

Full warranty with satisfaction guarantee

Exceptional replacement parts. It will look as if you never damaged it.

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Outside NYC? Just mail in your device if in the US.