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Who to tip? Who to tip for your computer repair service?

Who to tipSo, you think you’re done.  You have committed yourself to tipping your Computer Repairman.  You feel good about and are about to extend your cash in hand.  But, is your tip being exchanged to the correct hands?  It may sound trivial, but it really isn’t.  You want to make sure the hard-earned service is being appreciated towards the one who put in the blood, sweat, tears, and maybe a little psychology to deal with you during the service process.

It may seem obvious that if you have only one Computer Repairman visit your home or office, well, then it makes sense to only tip this specific computer technician.  But, let’s take a step back.  If you found this tech through a computer repair service company and happened to like the website, the customer service rep you spoke with, along with the dispatch person who assigned the tech to you, well, then things are a bit mirky.  Another gray-area scenario is when you visit a computer repair shop.  Who do you tip?  What if a couple techs worked on your job?  What if the receptionist was the one who ensured your job met your wicked fast deadline requirement?  Who should get the love?

Here are some common scenarios with whom you should tip:

Computer Repairman – Tip the boy genius who saved the day if he came to your home or office and you feel that if it were not for him, then your computer issue will still remain a computer issue.  Also, tip him if he is the main person you have interacted with at the computer repair shop and he has taken your job from A – Z with check-in, repair fix, and check-out.  That leaves no gray area with including anyone else.

Receptionist – If you feel the customer service was superior and your job would not have been out the door if it weren’t for the proactive desk boy or girl, then auntie up a little dough.

Dispatcher – Your scheduler move around appointments to accommodate your computer repair visit around your doctor and luncheon.  Hey, that’s worth a few pesos.

More than one computer technician – If you had more than one tech work on your job, albeit at your place or the computer repair shop, definitely split the tip.  If you’re unaware who worked on your job, then ask.

Owner or Manager – If you really want to get good ongoing service, then go to the top and grease those who will be overlooking your jobs in the future.  These are the folks who are heavily invested in the company and want to make sure loyal customers are taken care of.

The next blog series of tipping will include how to give a tip.  Tipping can be awkward and you want to make sure tipping is done discreetly and conveniently.

As a disclaimer, although we do try to write politically correct and non-sexist as we will full-well support such, we do not always carry across this point as you see in our “Computer Repairman,” not Repairwoman text.  We definitely still fully support our female computer technicians as this is verbiage is only provided in reference to all techs and shouldn’t take literally.  There. Now you know so this is not confused otherwise.

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