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Why is Apple support giving away OS X Mavericks – Free OS X Mavericks download

Free-mavericks-downloadApple support has chosen to give away its OS X Mavericks software.  It’s the first operating system, besides Linux, Ubuntu, and other inferior operating systems, to literally give away what used to be paid operating systems.  If you have Lion or Mountain Lion, it’s a free upgrade. If you want to install Mavericks from scratch, it’s still free.  Basically, if you have a Mac from 2009, it will be compatible for a free upgrade.

From now on, consumers feel that the Mac operating systems will be for free.  That’s great news.  Hey, it was only a little while back that Mac operating systems only cost about $30.  So, this isn’t a big jump.  Of course, Microsoft is moaning and groaning, feeling like it’s Windows 8.1 update from the base version of 8.0 as a free version was a huge give-away.  Plus, Microsoft support felt that its $199 low-level Windows operating system was already steal.  Now, the PC support empire is looking overpriced with Apple’s big free OS move.

Why the move from Apple?  Well, besides the easy price undercutting of Windows, it is giving the notion to consumers that it is a hardware-focused company.  Buy a Mac and you’ll get free software.  Free operating system, free Pages, Spreadsheets, and lots of free Apps.  It’s a smart move.  Move all PC folks to Apple and you’re a lifer with free stuff.  Not a bad marketing move at all.  Microsoft better counter quickly or else their market share will be further depleted.

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