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Why should you back up your computer files?

You should always back up your computer or important files.  Whether you use a laptop, desktop, or store your important files on an external hard drive, you should back up your files to another media.  Typically, the easiest way to back up your files is just to plug in an external hard drive to your computer, and copy & paste your important files over. 

Why?  Your hard drive in your computer will fail eventually.  Yes, this is a very negative thought, but it’s a candid thought to the truth of electronics.  Since a hard drive is made up of moving electronic components, the drive is bound to fail.  When it fails, you can either pay for data recovery or you can resort to your file backup. 

Performing a backup may be performed by automated software scheduling or manually.  If the act of backing up by software scares you, don’t worry – you can do it yourself every month or quarter.  For a PC, you’ll need to back up your My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and email, Palm, and any financial data.  On a Mac, just copy over your whole User Profile and Programs.  For further longevity of your backup external hard drive, you can turn it off when not in use.

Backing up your files can prevent loss of files and, most importantly, loss of productivity.

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