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Wi-Fi vs Internet – Are Wi-Fi and Internet the same? – Internet / Wi-Fi NYC issue / repair

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I can’t connect to Wi-Fi.  No internet, what!?  You can’t get Wi-Fi means you can’t get on the Internet, right?  Well, yes, but they are not synonymous.  No Wi-Fi may lead to not getting on the Internet, but not the other way around.

Okay, enough conditional statements.  Let’s get to the meat of this.  Sorry vegetarians.  A Wi-Fi network is a wireless network that involves a wireless router into the mix.  Your laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, or any other wireless device may wirelessly connect to the wireless router.  That Wi-Fi connection may allow you to share files, share a printer, stream music to speakers, or any other wireless trick.  Of course, the Wi-Fi connection may also allow you to access the Internet.  However, if the Internet is down, you may still do everything, but go on the Internet.

If your Wi-Fi is down, well, that’s a bummer since you really can’t do anything.  The quick band-aid fix is plugging a network cable directly from your computer to your router or modem, and getting on the Internet.  Otherwise, replace your failed wireless router which is most likely the computer fix there.

The Internet, the WAN, the outside connection to the world is what your wireless router connects to.  When that is down, you can’t email, go on the Internet, stream, or do anything else web-related.

Wi-Fi is all around us.  When you walk outside, you may notice coffee shops that say free wi-fi.  That means you can connect your laptop or phone to their wireless router.  In turn, the wireless router connects to a modem which stems to the Internet.

Wi-Fi has been a catch phrase that people use for getting on the Internet.  Now, you’ll know, if you didn’t before, how to decipher the two terms.

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