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Will President Obama keep his blackberry? What about e-mail security?

Ever since Obama was named our country’s 44th President, the debate started about whether he should continue using his Blackberry.  President Obama said his blackberry is integral in keeping in touch with his friends and family, as well as not feeling like he’s “inside a bubble.”  Security analysts complain that hackers could get into his e-mails by radio-transmitter technology, possibly attaining information on who the President corresponds with as well as strategy.

The bigger issue as we see it is that the White House has never had a President so tech-savvy.  President Obama is the first chief who has come in the White House with his own handheld and is used to sending e-mails on the fly with his Blackberry.  Former presidents, George Bush and Bill Clinton, didn’t e-mail from their phones and also steered clear of e-mailing from the White House in general for fear of personal and general e-mails becoming public.  With Obama comes a parallel of our normal everyday life of needing a handheld, Blackberry, iPhone, etc., to be as productive and as communicative as possible.  Not only does our new president bring new life and change, but he truly is like the people with his similar e-mailing needs.  We are big believers, of course, of Obama keeping his Blackberry.  Hey, if he can be productive and call his shots in transit instead of having the traditional Presidential meeting every time before giving an order, more power to him and to us!

How will the White House tech support team secure Obama’s e-mail?  RIM has already created an encryption technology for Blackberries.  However, through line of site or infrared technology, hackers could obtain the blackberry content or recipient info.  There is currently a Secret Service security configuration that is being worked on to lock down the Obama Blackberry and ensure no outside threats.

Keep in mind that since e-mail is still considered public domain, Obama’s work e-mails may be released to the public in the future.  This will probably happen after his presidency or if some scandal occurs.  It seems like Obama’s blackberry is going to keep thumbing around which is good for production and communication, and hopefully e-mails will be secure.

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