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Windows 8 set-up / tutorial / quick how to – Getting around Windows 8 – Finding Windows 8 stuff / things / apps / programs / start / shut-down – Windows 8 check-list

NYC Windows 8 easy setupWindows 8 is pretty easy to set up, contrary to popular belief.  Turn it on and it walks you through some IT networking steps.  It’s the aftermath that could be tricky.  Your first hour of Windows 8 could make it or break it.  If you get to frustrated with the enormity of the operating system changes, well, you could be lost forever.  If you can manage your expectations and where you’re head, then you’re golden.  As always, I’m here as your trusty computer expert to point you in the right direction.

Here’s the best way to maximize your initial Windows 8 experience:

  • Mouse – Move the mouse to the upper right or lower right corner to bring up the Charms bar, containing the Settings, Devices, Start, Share, and Search functions.  Going to the lower left corner will bring up your Windows 8 apps (after you’ve installed them) and the upper left will allow you to toggle back and forth with your apps.
  • Touch – If you have a multi-touch device, you can wipe to you on the right-side to bring up the Charms bar.  The left-side towards you brings up your most recent app.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Windows-D:  Go to desktop; Windows-C:  Charms bar; Windows-I: Settings
  • Microsoft account – Upon Windows 8 setup, you were prompted to set up a Microsoft account.  If you blew past this, take some time to set this up.  You’ll get a free 7GB online SkyDrive storage account.  This also serves to sign on once to the Microsoft Store, Music Store, and you can sync other signed on computers.
  • People app – Check this out as it combines your contacts from Facebook and Twitter where you can also post globally all at once.
  • Mail & Calendar apps – Pretty seamless email programs for Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, and other pop accounts.
  • Store – Go here to buy your apps.  It’s no Apple store, but it’s all you’ve got with Windows 8 support!
  • Music and Video apps – Labeled Xbox and look more like a Smart TV setup.  You’ll have options of purchasing, free content, and streaming.

Overall, Windows 8 just takes knowing where the secret clicks are.  Once you know where the Start button is along with apps, programs, and how to navigate, you will take more comfort in working with your Windows 8 computer.

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